After a less than warm reception of the Allods Cash Shop pricing by the community, gPotato recently announced a cut in the prices offered by the Cash Shop. The announcement offers a list of changes that seem to be a pretty significant cut from the original price. One thing players should learn from this is that they have a voice and if they use it, things can happen.

List of changes in the item shop:

Vial of Perfume reduced from 75gP to 25gP

Large Perfume Kit reduced from 1350gP to 300gP

Holy Rune reduced from 1500gP to 1000gP

Rough Dragon Hide Backpack reduced from 2000gP to 600gP

Small Deposit Box reduced from 1500gP to 1000gP

Small Bag of Crystal Chips reduced from 250gP to 100gP

Medium Bag of Crystal Chips reduced from 1200gP to 350gP

Potions reduced from 250gP to 200gP

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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