Ancient Egypt culture and our collective unconscious

The theme of Egypt is often recurrent in games especially since ancient Egypt is surrounded by an aura of mystery. In general, ancient Egypt and Egyptology are themes that attract readers and also the creators of films, comics, games and everything related to popular culture. The reason is due to the charisma linked to the ancient Egyptian culture: religion, the pyramids, the social system…everything belonging to ancient Egypt make automatically think to mystery and adventures.

This approach to ancient Egyptian culture is deeply rooted in our collective unconscious, in fact even those who know little about Egyptian history when they think of Egypt are enraptured by this sense of mystery. It is therefore no coincidence that many game creators were inspired by ancient Egypt to make their works.

On this article, we deal with Cleopatra, the mythical queen of Egypt narrated by the greatest writers and known for her comely beauty, able to worry even the Roman Emperors. Specifically Cleopatra is the main character of a game set in that era.

We are writing about Cleopatra real money online slot machine, therefore, follows this atmosphere and is one of the best known slot machines in the entire panorama of the sector, which has been a favorite with players for several years.

What makes Cleopatra one of the most used real money slot machines is certainly the simple and intuitive graphic interface, which develops along a classic game structure with 5 reels and 20 pay lines, which allow high volatility in reaching winning combinations. .

Let's get to know the Cleopatra real money slot machine best

Cleopatra is a real money online slots that immediately enters the hearts of its aficionados because it is very easy to play. The spin can be done either manually or automatically. All you have to do then is decide how much to bet and on which of the 20 lines.

Once this is done, you can focus exclusively on the game!

The gaming experience on Cleopatra real money slots is particularly intriguing, thanks to the sound contribution with a very sensual female voice announcing the winnings. The music is also very accurate and follows the Egyptian sounds. The feeling of being in Egypt among the pyramids and belly dancers is very strong and, I must admit, particularly fun.

How to win real money on Cleopatra

To make winning combinations and win real money with this slot, there are many possibilities. First of all, you need to cover as many lines as possible: it is true that you will spend more credits, but automatically your chances of winning will also increase!

Like any real money slot, Cleopatra has its main and secondary symbols, which can be accessed via the following Paytable and which pay for three or more of the same symbols per line. Here is the corresponding value from the lowest to the highest symbol:

  • Figures from 9 to the Ace
  • The eye of Horus
  • The scepter
  • The sarcophagus
  • Trumpets
  • The beetle

The face of Cleopatra who forms the Joker in this real money slot.

The Sphinx

Cleopatra's face is also called a wild symbol, because it allows you to double the prize if it is in one or more winning lines; the sarcophagus is the splatter symbol: the more splatter symbols you find, even outside the paylines, the more you double your winnings up to a total of 100 times the stake in the case of 5 scatter symbols.

The Cleopatra real money bonus mode

If you want to win more, this real money slot has a bonus mode that activates when you get any of the 3 sarcophagus symbols and up. If this happens, all subsequent spins are cost-free (free) and all payouts are tripled instead. If, on the other hand, you find 5 Cleopatra symbols, then you are very lucky because you make the maximum combination and get up to 180 free spins.

Another chance for victory is represented by the symbol of the Sphinx, which pays you up to 100 times the stake.

My conclusions on Cleopatra

I was blown away by this real money online slot machine. Cleopatra, as history teaches us, is an intriguing figure who captivates you and this is the feeling I had playing for endless minutes.

The game platform has a pleasant drum roll and a sound that constitutes a very pleasant gaming experience and that makes the feeling of victory satisfying.


Perhaps the absence of a gambler mode with which to try to multiply the win is missing, but overall the platform is well made and with a payout of 95% it constitutes a real money slot machine that deserves the attention of the players.

It is recommended to use all available game lines and when Cleopatra appears you have something to smile about: her function is in fact to double your winnings!

Also keep an eye on the sarcophagus because if you find 3 or more you can take advantage of many free spins: if you spend 0 to play, you will automatically have a much better chance of winning! This is called Scatter Mode and it allows you to win up to 100 times the stake if you find 5 Sphinx symbols.

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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2021