Four types of casters? Swanky.

Angels Online has released a preview of their magic system, so take a look.

Magic System contains classes like Summoner, Wizard, Magician and Priest.

Summoners: They wield the most potent curse spells and summoning spells. They can also control dark forces simply with their extraordinarily strong willpower.

Wizards: They are committed to studying chaos and relish use of their destructive spells. They are the international symbol of damage and destruction.

Magicians: They are pure in their devotion to the arcane arts, amicable and their communication with the elves is strong. They possess strong magical skills and certain melee combat abilities from the natural elements.

Priests: They are passionate about life and their faith. They can lay calming hands on you to heal even the gravest wounds, and also wield potent defensive spells, as well as life spells.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016