All about Auto Assault and solo play!

This week's common content feature is all about solo play. Does Auto Assault support the solo gamer? Is solo gaming an effective approach? What are some examples of solo gaming? These questions and more are answered in our editorial "When no one Rides Shotgun!" We got into the full detail on solo gaming in Auto Assault.

One of the major things in any MMORPG that can ruin the gameplay for me is when there are never enough people around to do what needs to be done. The feeling of utter helplessness because there isn’t a group of adventurers around to help you advance through the game. Sitting in town and staring at walls isn’t my ideal vision of perfect gameplay. However, there are some MMORPGs who don’t follow the mold of group only play. They provide content for both the solo and social type player. Auto Assault is one of these games that allow most any style of player to have fun. The only difference is that Auto Assault has cars and guns instead of silly magic and swords!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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