Over the years, we’ve seen a great deal of impressive Minecraft creations from talented modders, with the World of Warcraft map in particular being one of our favorites here at TTH. Minecraft, it seems, is a game that knows no bounds and constantly redefines our expectations of what’s possible with the software. But in a way, Minecraft is nothing without its legions of diehard gamers, the ones who play day and night in an attempt to discover everything the title has to offer, but particularly those who have found their passion by playing online.

With most games, online is where the wheat is separated from the chaff, where you’ll be tested beyond your wildest dreams, and usually a place where playing fairly goes out the window. Thankfully, playing Minecraft on a server isn’t normally a tortuous and unenjoyable feat, but instead can be a rather pleasurable experience with players who simply want to have fun and respect each other (minus the occasional troll). Many people even take things up a notch and find the means to start their own game server, as they perhaps can’t find the perfect setup on another server. After all, some don’t like the idea of playing by someone else’s rules!

So, if owning your own server is still something for the future, then be sure to play on one of the many amazing Minecraft servers currently out there in the world. Here are some of the best available in 2017.


Pokémon Go may have essentially disappeared from the hearts and minds of the public, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be reborn in a new way. The PixelmonCraft server combines the idea of catching Pokémon in a blocky Minecraft world, where you can also fight and train your little wild pets. Of course, these are imitation Pokémon with fake names, but there is still enough similarity to make it feel like you’re playing the real thing.


If parkour is your hobby, then look no further than the Zero.Minr server. Self-described as one of the oldest servers still in existence (five years to be precise), this run ‘n’ jump world has over 250 challenges for those who love the idea of staring death in the face and avoiding falling into the abyss. A frustrating but fun server that proves how versatile Minecraft modders can be.


Yarr me hearties! Who doesn’t love a good pirate adventure? With a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie arriving in 2017, now’s the perfect time to swing your cutlass, walk the plank, and find that buried treasure. PirateCraft is epic in scope, and even has a decent ship combat section. You’ll do everything you’d expect a pirate to do, and there is also ‘Safe Zones’ which give you amnesty from all the trouble and mayhem if you just want a quiet pirate’s life. Just make sure the rum isn’t gone.

The Shire

Whilst this could easily be mistaken as a Minecraft version of the sweet and idyllic home of the Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings, it is actually far more jaw-dropping than that. The Shire server is legitimately its own world, with massive cities, a railway system, dragons, zeppelins, volcanoes, and gigantic sculptures dotting the landscape. Since 2011, The Shire has been growing and growing, and with more players joining up every day, it remains to be seen just how vast the digital world can get. Read more about it here.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2017