Ridin' 'em In

The official site for Bang! Howdy has been updated with serveral notices about changes in the content as they move through beta.

We been out roundin' up them dogies for quite a while now and we reckon it's just about time to ride 'em on in. We been fixin' bugs and polishin' up both Frontier Town and the old Indian Trading Post and we got some changes to report:

* We added a Character page to the Barber where you 'kin pick which avatar poses should be used in which situations (like yer Victory pose and yer Wanted Poster pose). You 'kin also use it to change yer Handle if ya done picked a dud when ya first signed up.
* We redesigned the Saloon user interface to make things a bit simpler and clearer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016


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