Basketball is a way of life on the court and outside the court

Basketball is a sport played all over the country by millions of Americans. The popularity of the sport, as a whole, has meant people engage with it far beyond the minutes on court. Over 12 million viewers watched the final game of the NBA playoffs, which is yet another indication of the sport's ongoing popularity. 

People also like to engage with the sport in additional ways. Some fans of the sport place the occasional bet online. These bets can be on either individual matches or the tournament as a whole. There have also been many video games based on the world of basketball. 

Where to place a bet on the NBA

With all the betting options currently available, basketball fans will be spending time researching the different websites and markets on offer. The Barstool Sportsbook provides its readers with unbiased reviews and information on many different online bookmakers. These websites cover sporting events from across the world. Those same readers will then see a list of bonuses and other promotions for bets on sporting events across the world. This includes the 2021/2022 NBA season. Many are already asking if the Milwaukee Bucks retain their title? 

Outside of the more traditional betting options such as match-winner and outright winner of the competition, you can also look at other options such as division of winning team, conference of winning team, and how the final will look. You can currently get odds of 9/1 with BetMGM for the Bucks to repeat their achievements of the previous season.

Virtual NBA through the ages

Basketball has always been a hugely popular sport for video game developers and fans. One recent title, NBA 2k21 from 2k Sports, sold over 8 million copies in its first few months. Historically, there have been several iconic basketball games. One of these was the legendary NBA Jam. This was one of the first video games to feature a range of NBA-licensed teams and players. Ever since that time, gamers have had many options when it comes to virtual representations of their favorite sport. The NBA Live series from EA Sports is one of many sports games in their portfolio that aim to replicate a sport in the most realistic way possible. 

The NBA Street series is an interesting take on the sport that wants to mimic the 'street' version of the sport rather than the billion-dollar industry that you see in venues across the country and on the TV. First released in 2001, it was well-received by gamers and reviewers and there has been a demand for further sequels since NBA Street Homecourt came out back in 2007.

How will people engage with the sport in the future?

There will always be a demand for betting on sports, and bookmakers are constantly looking at ways at creating interesting new markets for bettors to get involved.

When it comes to video games, developers will also be trying to create a new and innovative take on the sport. The sheer power of the PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X means that we are about to play the most realistic virtual versions of the sport. It will be interesting to see how future sports games, in general, will utilize this

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Last Updated: Oct 20, 2021