Best Boardroom Software Brands and Programs in the Market

Most small businesses are now moving to telecommuting. They have already selected applications that allow them to do this and automate most work processes without physical signatures on paper. Paper, by the way, is also being gradually abandoned in favor of modern digital technology.

Surprisingly, the administrative staff of any firm is starting to interact online. It started as early as 2019, when the coronavirus was just beginning to dominate the world. As soon as the global pandemic happened, businesses massively and quickly began to move to remote methods of dealing with work issues. Boardroom is now an exceptional tool for dealing with administrative issues, as will be discussed in more detail in this review boardroom software.

What Are Boardroom Portals?

Board portal software is a tool for remote gatherings of administrative staff that consist of proper video conferencing, encryption, and providing the necessary things like votes or an interactive whiteboard to visualize the data provided. Generally speaking, if you imagine this type of software only as another application for conducting video calls like Zoom or Skype, you are mistaken.

The above consumer examples lack security in the form of encryption and role separation, and there is no built-in storage for sensitive documentation, which is critical during the negotiation process at the top of the corporate team. You simply can't restrict some people from other departments from seeing certain information and are forced to use private messages instead of setting permissions to view or download the document, which is not convenient during painstaking work.

What Can You Find in Boardroom Software?

In fact, you may find quite a few different functions within an online board meeting that are not directly related to the discussion of issues only among the top administrative staff. More specifically, you may find the following:

Video conferencing capability

Conferencing can be done using third-party applications like Zoom or using technology developed specifically for one or another application. We advise you to choose those applications that have their own technology, since your data will not be scattered over the Internet and you will be much safer. Of course, even applications using third-party development will attach additional encryption to their applications, but this does not guarantee complete protection against possible data leaks if the security policy changes within the company that provides the technology.

The ability to illustrate ideas interactively

This could include all sorts of voting tools, online drawing boards, or more advanced tools for generating economic charts, for example. All these tools just have to be within the range offered to the client of this or that virtual board software.

The possibility of complete security and isolation from the external Internet

It really is a necessary thing to work in a completely isolated space and not even give hackers a chance to intercept any grains of data, even if they are protected and encrypted. In addition, isolation from the external Internet implies that even if your employees make a human error and lose the password, the intruder still will not get access. This increases the overall confidence in the company and eliminates the headaches that could easily happen with standard software like Zoom or Google Meets.

The ability to store documentation and use it during meetings

This is an equally important aspect that is trivially absent in consumer-free apps. With the board management software, you don't need separate file storage, which is also not secure in most cases. You can use documents for each individual employee or department during meetings. The other departments simply won't be able to view documents that don't belong to them. This is a healthy corporate practice that has proven to be the best during the emergence of today's corporate culture.

The ability for flexibility and increased security during user interactions

Surprisingly, only in similar software can you find a feature that gives you the ability to edit and create from scratch those roles that you will or are already using in your company. With this customization, you can share information between departments during meetings in the most efficient and fastest way and solve problems in the most effective way.

The Best Solutions for Business

You can check out the following best solutions on the market, which are currently operating and providing their services for both small and large enterprises.


BoardEffect is actually a great all-around platform that boasts a huge amount of nice innovations that big companies haven't seen in quite some time. It is a cloud-based application that runs natively on every operating system. The only exceptions may be Linux and Chromebook, but it can be used inside the browser as well with a paperless meeting solution. There's fairly progressive tech support and a tutorial program that will be understandable enough for most employees. If you'd prefer to call an instructor directly to your company, this service provides that option.


In 2020, this service was awarded the best in its field. We assure you that they have not given up their position since then. Even though it is quite an advanced solution in today's world, the cost is not higher than the market average. You will also be provided with a cloud-based solution for sorting out your business issues that works on absolutely every operating system. There are a lot of advanced features inside this application and their servers are located on most continents, making great optimization among workflows.


Another affordable and quite versatile board portal application. Here you will get smart and flexible applications inside the cloud. All of this is wrapped up in one of the simplest interfaces you'll find in this market. There's also advanced security, which rivals military-grade encryption and is similar to the type of security that the global bank is using now.

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Last Updated: Nov 24, 2022