Best Casino Games Available on Steam

Steam is home to thousands of online games, casino games included. But for some reason, finding a slot, roulette, or blackjack game on the Valve-owned platform can take hours of research.

Sure, there are a few well-known casino games on Steam, including bitcoin casino games.  But if you are looking for new games, you might have to dig deep or play a video game that has casino mini-games. That said, below is an outline of the best casino games you can find on Steam.

The Four Kings Casino & Slots

Developed by Digital Leisure, the Four Kings Casino and Slots takes you into a virtual casino jam-packed with slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat tables. When you join the establishment, the first thing you receive is an avatar that represents all you.

The casino mimics the experience of a real-life gambling resort splendidly. From the graphics and social interactions to gameplay and music, everything inside the Four Kings Casino is designed to create an impressive social experience.

You don't have to pay a dime to play games at the resort. Instead, take advantage of free games to win chips you can use to upgrade your avatar's clothes. Or you can use the extra chips to play at VIP poker tables.

Hoyle Casino

Hoyle Casino has a collection of over 20 games you can use to play with friends, meet new people, and interact with high rollers. Most of the games come in multiple variations, meaning you don’t have to play Classic 21 if you prefer Vegas Strip blackjack.

When it comes to betting on slot machines, you can place wagers as little as $1 or risk up to $100 per spin. Of course, you don’t win real money at Hoyle Casino. Still, the games at the establishment give you a chance to experience what it means to win thousands of millions of dollars at a casino.

To get a real-life gambling experience, however, look for the best online casino games on Then join a gaming website and make a real money bet. You don't have to wager a lot of money.

In fact, you could take advantage of bonuses some of these casinos offer and use it to play slots. Unlike free chips at Hoyle Casino, free spins from real money casinos are worth valuable cash. As such, you can use them to win money you could withdraw.

Casino Inc

Casino Inc is a pretty old game. But it is not your average gambling game where you spend all your time around slots and table games. Instead, this creation from 2003 lets you manage a gambling establishment like it’s the 1970s.

Why the 1970s, you ask. Las Vegas had a notorious reputation back then thanks to the mafia and exciting gambling stories most people had never experienced firsthand. Nonetheless, Casino Inc doesn't include confrontations with the mob.

Instead, it is all about being a manager and marketing it to welcome high rollers, socialites, and regular customers. It's a realistic imitation of any casino, so you also need to invest in security and advertise frequently.

GTA Online

If you've been on Steam lately and like casino games, you've been to the Diamond Casino and Resort. If you just heard about it, that's a reason to try Grand Theft Auto online.

The casino opened last year as a place where you could gamble tons of games using chips purchased at the same establishment. A chip costs 1$ GTA, and you can only buy 50,000 chips per day. Again, if you win severally, you will earn enough cash to let you bet at the VIP tables.

Speaking of VIPs, high-rollers live lavishly inside the Diamond Casino and Resort. Precisely, you get a penthouse, a garage, and access to some of these amenities:

  • Spa room
  • Infinity Room
  • VIP Lounges
  • Limousine and aircraft
  • The roof terraces

For clarity, you must buy a penthouse to become a VIP in the Diamond Casino. After that, then you get access to the amenities mentioned above and a lot more perks. Complete missions regularly, and you won't ever have to worry about money while around the casino.

Governor of Poker 3

So, you love Texas Hold’em? Check out Governor of Poker on Steam. Make sure you get the latest edition of the game for an immersive experience. It’s a free multiplayer game that focuses on the most popular variation of poker.

It doesn’t have the bells and whistles you’ll find on GTA online, though. Instead, it keeps things simple to deliver engaging gameplay with thousands of players from around the world.

It supports 14 languages and dishes out chips every four hours to ensure you never run out of money. However, you might want to use your chips wisely because the chips given free of charge are too little to get you a sit at a VIP Sit & GO tournament.

Craps XR

Released in 2016, Craps XR was one of the most hyped games when it came out. VR was still a new thing, and everyone wants to do something fun with their VR headsets. Unfortunately, the game suffered from horrible reviews for over two years before its developers began to take serious action.

Craps XR lets you play three games despite what its name suggests: blackjack, roulette, and craps. You need a bit of space in your house and chips in your account to bet accordingly. It lacks a lot of add-on features, but if you are an avid craps, blackjack, or roulette fan, it is worth checking out.

IGT Slots Paradise Garden

Real money casino developers seldom make games that don’t bring them money. IGT is an exception, having created a slots’ Paradise to give Steam players a sense of how exciting slots machines are.

You can bet on single lines or bet up to 100 lines on a slot. You can also adjust your bets from one cent up to $10. What's more, you can build a career mode in which you fight to be the ultimate king in the Paradise of slots. Of course, that also comes with a ton of wealth and fame.


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Last Updated: Jul 28, 2023