Best MMORPGs for Mobile

Thanks to the continued development of mobile technology, we now have a tremendous selection of massive multiplayer online role-playing games for mobile phones and tablets. Known as MMORPGs, the game was popularised in the early 2000s by titles like World of Warcraft and Elder scrolls online. When playing massive multiplayer online role-playing games, individual players assume the role of a character in the game, much like in standard role-playing games but instead of playing the game alone, there are many other people playing the game at the same time. It is extremely exciting but what are some of the best MMORPGs for mobile?

Adventure Quest 3D is essentially the 3D version of the original Adventure Quest and it has quickly grown in popularity across the world. You will find many of the regular features of MMORPGs when playing Adventure Quest 3D but one of the key elements of the game is the ability to play on mobile or PC, not only in the same world but with the same players. If you have been searching for a mobile MMORPG that packs plenty of charm and humour in addition to great gameplay, look no further than Adventure Quest 3D.

Next in our roundup of the best MMORPGs for mobile we come to Arcane Legends and much like the game highlighted above, this is free to install and play. Arcane Legends has been available for many years but the fact it remains one of the top mobile MMORPGs today, tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the game. Within the game, there are three classes from which to choose and they each come with specific abilities and skills. There are various PvP formats available plus the opportunity to play in co-op mode, which is great if you have my friend you would like to team up with to play the game.

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Back to the best MMORPGs for mobile and we come to one of the latest editions to the mobile MMORPG world in Black Desert Mobile. Boasting all the major aspects one would expect from a top mobile MMORPG, Black Desert Mobile features character customization, quests and missions, a large open world, and online social aspects. There are five different classes from which to choose and in terms of bugs or issues, this is one game that excels in that department and you can rely on Black Desert Mobile for a smooth mobile gaming experience.

In addition to the three MMORPGs for mobile highlighted above, there are plenty of other fantastic MMORPGs for mobile available to play. They include Aurcus Online, Aura Kingdom 2, Grow Stone Online, AxE: Alliance vs Empire, Albion Online, Celtic Heroes, Era of Legends, and Lineage 2: Revolution. The good news is all of these games are free to play.


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Last Updated: Apr 21, 2021