The gaming market is constantly developing, and nowadays, it’s not just entertainment for kids but rather a huge industry involving billions of dollars. Modern gamers can enjoy numerous technologies to get the best experience, and innovative products are not limited to the opportunity to play from a PC or a smartphone. Look at the hottest gaming trends you shouldn’t miss!

A New Round of Virtual Reality

Metaverses and the usage of VR glasses constantly grow, although not as fast as their creators would like. 2022 has brought a real boom in this niche, and many games allow using the technology and receiving a high-class experience when playing. Players can also use virtual reality in online casinos, such as Mr Bet, and fully immerse into the gambling process without the need to visit land-based establishments. Companies require time to implement VR into their activities, but it’s understandable that commercial and consumer interest is growing again.


The giant tech brands, including Sony and Apple, have already released their headsets, which immediately created user demand. These companies are using their huge fan bases to involve people in the newest developments, and we are confident that the trend will become even more popular.

Implementing NFT & Blockchain Technologies

While cryptocurrencies have already become commonplace among users, NFT is a considerably new development, becoming a new standard in the gaming industry. Many users think that NFT is just a hype thing that will lose its relevance soon, but this is far from the case. The innovation has changed the gaming world since it’s not just a digital item you own. This technology makes it easy to monetize your character and game time.

And what are the benefits of blockchain in the entertainment sphere? Here are some simple points:

  • it’s easy to convert fiat currencies into virtual ones and back

  • safe storage of virtual money

  • control over the virtual world: many blockchain games give token holders the right to vote for or against changes on the platform.

  • complete anonymity of the user

Many large projects prefer developing their own metaverses, which is becoming a global trend. We bet many exciting changes await us right around the corner, so we look forward to seeing them!

More Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Gaming

Although the technology is not the latest innovation, it still makes an invaluable contribution to the development of the industry. Nowadays, AI is not something from science fiction books; it not only helps users get the best experience when playing but also assists in creating highly technological gaming solutions.

Artificial Intelligence helps software developers save millions of dollars when developing their products, allowing to automate the process of creating animation and other important design elements The technology also helps improve realism and efficiency, such as making a powerful game playable on a smartphone. AI can even generate some simple games from scratch, and EA Games experts think that the ability to create products will only improve in the future.

Users Will Be Delighted with the Games Selection

2022 has already become one of the most significant years for launching new products for gaming consoles and mobile devices. Numerous releases were delayed due to the Covid pandemics, and companies are actively trying to catch up. Moreover, the appearance of Steam Deck will unlock portability for those who prefer playing on PCs. The latest improvements in PlayStation and Xbox devices will definitely lead to a new generation in the gaming industry. Check the most anticipated games on Forbes – you’ve definitely been waiting for them!


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Last Updated: Jul 26, 2022