Best Way to Stream Games from a Computer to a TV

To avoid unnecessary problems, we would like to warn that this solution is not a way to blame the use of a personal computer or console for the inconvenience. It's just one way to make your life easier to play comfortably on a huge TV. In this case, you do not have to constantly carry a laptop with you or move the system unit to the TV to play your favorite game. In addition, using this method, your TV or any other device for displaying content can turn into real multimedia combined with the ability to access the Internet and enjoy some entertainment on the Internet, for instance, make parlays in online betting UK.

What You Need to Set up Your Streaming Service

The first thing to focus on is using Steam Link as the leading service for your future set-top box. This service has been working for a long time and will be a great solution for comfort and ease of use. Avoiding potential bugs and other problems that may arise with other services. To start building your streaming set-top box, we need:

·  box with Raspberry Pi;

·  power supply;

·  memory card;

·  game controller;

·  an HDMI cable to connect to your TV.

Moreover, for a comfortable game, you will need a high-quality Wi-Fi router or a direct Internet connection. With this minimum set, you will be able to create a small box that will stream everything you use on the Steam service to your TV. It is worth noting that it works without the need for additional connections or the use of additional equipment in the form of a PC or laptop.

How to Set up Steam Link on Raspberry Pi?

You need to download the official utility called "Raspberry Pi Imager" to set it up. You can easily find instructions on doing this on the Raspberry website. Next, all that remains to be done is to follow the guide for installing the operating system and get the Steam Link. It won't take you long, it's a fairly simple process.

What Will We Get as a Result?

As a result, you get the opportunity to broadcast everything that happens in your Steam account to your TV or any other device to play content. And the greatest point is that there is no need to constantly reconnect your PC or laptop. All that is required for everything to work correctly and well is the presence of a high-quality Internet connection.

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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2022