There is no question that using an ethernet cable will provide better overall speed and reliability than using Wi-Fi, but Wi-Fi has come a very long way in the last two years and now rivals direct connections on both counts. 

A Wi-Fi extender can provide a better connection and more responsive ping times especially if you’re using the faster 5GHz network, which doesn’t penetrate walls nearly as well as 2.4GHz signals. It’s worth having gaming PCs on 5GHz and putting your smart home lightbulbs, etc. on the 2.4 signal. 

With that in mind, here are the best Wi-Fi range extenders for gaming right now.  This list is updated regulary. 

1. TP-Link MU-MIMO Range Extender RE650

Wi-Fi performance: Wi-Fi 5 | Coverage: Up to 14,000 Sq ft | 2.4GHz speed: 800Mbps | 5GHz speed: 1,733Mbps | Antennas: 4

This extender has very high speeds and excellent coverage.  It's pretty big though, compared to some competitors.  

It provides 1733Mbps on the 5GHz band, and 800Mbps on 2.4Ghz.  If you have good Internet then you won't have problems with multiple people gaming and streaming. 

It uses a technology called MU-MIMO to ensure multiple users get good signal and as a bonus there’s a gigabit ethernet port for plugging in wired devices. 

2. Asus RP-AC51 Dual-band

Wi-Fi performance: Wi-Fi 5 | Coverage: N/A | 2.4GHz speed: 300Mbps | 5GHz speed: 433Mbps | Antennas: 2

Though slower than the TP-Link listed above this product is still faster than most home Internet connections, so it shouldn't be a bottleneck.   Speeds are good, but not great.   Setup is easy. 

The unit comes with an ethernet port, but it isn't gigabit, it's 10/100.   

3. TP-Link RE220 AC750

Wi-Fi performance: Wi-Fi 5 | Coverage: Up to 3,200 Sq ft | 2.4GHz speed: 300Mbps | 5GHz speed: 433Mbps | Antennas: Internal

Slower than it's brother product that we have ranked at #1, but equal in speed ot the #2 choice this unit is small and easy to setup. 

It eliminates weak Wi-Fi spots as well as either of the other choices, but only has a 10/100 ethernet port.  The unit has internal antennas which means that positioning it well is vital to it performing well.   This is a cheaper product, but works well. 


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Last Updated: Mar 01, 2021