There are some new outfits in the store and we have some easy details on them. All prices are both in hongmoon coins and NCoin, so you can buy them either way. These outfits are all available via the in-game store. We've got you examples of the latest BnS fashions along with their prices below. What's interesting is that we get both the spring chickitty and the valentine's day outfits, but we also get a lot of autumn / back to school outfits too, which is interesting. The Rising Water's equivalent foreign patch likely released during fall originally.

Lucky Lover Boy Bundle / Pure White Bundle of Love

For boys, you get the Lover Boy outfit, the Bow Tie, the Sunglasses, and 12 White Roses, along with 10 Unsealing Charms.

For girls, you get the Pure White outfit, the Classy sunglasses, and 12 White Roses, along with 10 Unsealing Charms.

Both packs cost 1,999 NCoin.

Other New Outfits

Scarlet Bird (999 NCoin), Back to School (1,399 NCoin F Only), and Colorful Autumn Leaves (1,399 NCoin) were added this update.

Cat Item

Chickitty (399 NCoin) was added this update.

Weapon Skins

Chocolate Illusion Weapons (959 NCoin each) were added this update.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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