I wasn't one of the lucky ones that got to hang out at SOE San Diego for the block party last weekend, but you can bet I'm waiting on pics and detailed descirptions of all that happened. Moorgard posted about his experience on his blog that is definitely worth taking a peek at:

Like many parts of the country, San Diego has been baking in ridiculously uncomfortable temperatures lately. Saturday was wretched, with hot sun and humidity haranguing those of us in attendance. We even managed to fry a couple of the computers used to demo the game in our outdoor kiosks. The heat really took its toll on me later in the evening, when I started feeling like I might have a mild case of heat exhaustion. Big fellas like me weren’t made to be outside in those conditions!

Find out how Moorgard's weekend went and why he ISN'T the guy to talk to if you want a job creating video games, here at

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016