With the new expansion "Echoes of Faydwer" heading into beta, there has been a lot of discussions cropping up regarding the gods. One in particular caught my eye. It started out as a debate as to whether or not Brell was the God of crafting, and went on to provide some very nice lore from Vhalen:

There are a couple of topics that have interested me on this thread, is there a god of crafting and who is Bolgin?

One thing we seem to forget is that the planar realms are vast. They are not comprised of a handful of deities and their minions existing in a space just large enough to hold the temple that Norrathians would some day come to raid. No. These lands can seem endless. Although we can say that all the EQ gods create an EQ pantheon, it is also true that each plane has its own pantheon of sorts. The primary planes can seem endless at times and there are more mysteries on each of these planes than I could ever detail in any magical tome.

Buff up on your Brell lore, and read Vhalen's always informative 2 cents, and add your own!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016