LEGO enthusiasts are in a frenzy with the upcoming mass retail release of LEGO Universe. Already, die-hard fans that pre-ordered the game are strutting their way through the LEGO-themed MMOG, building anything from a castle to a spaceship and everything in-between! To gather more details on this building-manic game (and perhaps get our hands on some blue bricks), Ten Ton Hammer talked to Ryan Seabury, Creative Director of LEGO Universe, who fielded questions ranging from PvP to endgame experiences to user features, plus many others.

Ten Ton Hammer: What is envisioned as being the "end-game" of this title? Building? Co-op building? Raid content for unique gear, blocks, or models?

Ryan Seabury: We’ve always talked that it is a creative endgame and that's sort of our fresh spin on the typical MMOG genre. Normally, you get caught up in this loot grind for that one percent, two percent gain on this particular piece of gear and then you go out and mash a hundred more monsters with a two percent advantage. That's where I tend to personally fall off in MMOGs.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016