CCP has a lot riding on the expansion of the EVE Online universe with DUST 514 on the Playstation 3. For the first time, an MMO plans to bridge the gap between console and PC with a cross-genre merging of the space opera and the new MMOFPS.

Executive Producer Brandon Laurino recently spoke with the Playstation Blog about CCP’s ambitions for the game stating, “DUST 514 will easily be the biggest multiplayer FPS on the market.” Laurino also explained a bit about how testing for DUST 514 will work. Selected players will have a chance to help test during Private Trials and described as test subjects in the game’s story, which is when the actual “game as a service” will begin. From there, CCP will evolve the gameplay and expand it into the EVE universe, allowing capsuleers and mercenaries to inhabit and influence the same universe.

Source: Playstation Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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