Can Video Games Make Students Smarter?

One of the most widespread opinions is that video games are an absolute waste of time and cannot give you anything apart from spoilt eyesight and bad posture. You can also find some research saying that playing computer games can negatively affect children's minds and make them aggressive, cruel, or violent. And, of course, some parents consider video games to be a big distraction and that instead, children can do some homework or help them about the house or can spend their free time in some other, "righter" way. But the thing is that it's normal for kids to play video games, and not only it isn't useless, but in some way, it can give some benefits, for example, making your children smarter. If you don't believe it, here is a list of possible positive effects of video games. 

Educational games

First of all, video games can be educational. If you didn't know about it, just dive into this topic, especially if you have little kids. For sure, your senior student will not solve neither math nor physics problems to play the game and pass to another level, but the small ones will do that with great pleasure; you just have to encourage them by showing that they are doing right. Those simple tasks you have to do in the games help to understand the basics of most school subjects and to develop children's intellectual abilities. A quarter of an hour per day will be enough for you to notice your kid's progress. 

Organization skills 

If you want your child to be able to organize and manage their own time, let them play video games. Just think about it. At school, the teacher gives the task and expects your child to fulfill it within a set period of time; almost in any video game, you have a set time, and you have to fulfill a certain task or reach the next level. So, when playing, children can understand easily when they can complete the task themselves and when it's time to use some boosters or additional moves. The same experience can be applied when studying. If a student has a task, like an essay to be written, and understands that they won't be able to do it without any help, they can always use a booster; in other words, they can order an essay on Speedy Paper. Such special services will always help you to get good paperwork within the required time and based on your instructions. Just keep in mind that there are many options, and you can also contact another proficient writing service, for example,

Competitive spirit

Some people think that being an ambitious person and the wish always to be number one is not a very good thing. But nowadays, only intelligent and competitive people can become successful. We all want our children to receive straight A, we expect them to receive a scholarship. That is why let them play video games/ Let them understand how pleasant it is when you occupy the top of the ranking among a large number of other participants. And also that it's crucial to seek more, set new goals, and look for ways to achieve them. 


Pretty often, students lack concentration when they need to study, and that's precisely what their parents try to develop in their kids. Video games are one of the best ways to do it. When playing, you always try to concentrate all the time because some tasks can be very tricky, and if you are not attentive, you will not succeed. 

The way to get experience 

Do you want your child to be able to anticipate and build logical connections? Do you want your child to be good at analyzing actions and their circumstances? Do you want your children to be able to distinguish danger and know how to avoid it? And for sure, you don't want your children to get this experience in real life. In such case, the best way out is video games. With today's development of technology, you can experience some things in virtual reality; this can help to get experience and to avoid unwanted risks.  

The way to relax

Studying is very important, but you also have to give yourself a break and relax. Video games can be the perfect way to do it. There are some studies that confirm that people who play video games suffer from less stress, as they give way out to their negative emotions and tiredness and forget about things that bother them for some time. Even adults at work have some breaks because it's very difficult for our brains to operate with the same effectiveness all the time. So, help your kids to recharge and get positive emotions; it will help them to continue studying without being bored or stressed. 

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Last Updated: Feb 14, 2023