The prevailing theme of 2010 has been one of free-to-play gaming and
microtransactions, and while we’ve focused much of our energy on new
titles, one title has been making and breaking its own records since
late 2004. Planet Calypso is a subscriptionless
MMOG that focuses on a player driven gameplay experience and allows
players to not only spend limitless amounts of money in game, but to
make money as well. Join Ten Ton Hammers Jason “Medawky” Bolton as he
explores this war torn virtual space and seeks to unlock the secrets of
its economy.

Being a fan of money, and enticed by reports of 80
recently added missions, I was definitely intrigued by Planet Calypso
and its record setting economy. I was also wondering whether a player
like myself, who is unwilling to take a second out on his house to fund
an in game transaction, could survive in such a bustling world.

Check out the target="_blank">notorious world of Planet Calypso

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016