Casino Slots Inspired by Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Halo Infinity, and Heroes of the Storm

Recently, a new category of slot machines has appeared in casinos, reminiscent of popular video games like Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Halo Infinite, and Heroes of the Storm. These gaming machines combine classic elements of gambling with exciting plots and visual effects characteristic of modern video games. For example, a slot machine inspired by the game Halo Infinite may include bonus levels where players "progress" through various combat scenarios, each unlocking new winning options or additional spins. Let's take a closer look at the features of slots created based on popular computer games.

Call of Duty Followers: Soldiers Fortune, Bombs Away, and Battlefield

Slots inspired by Call of Duty – Soldiers Fortune by PlayPearls, Bombs Away by Habanero, or Battlefield by Dream Tech – immerse players in the atmosphere of military action. Themes of military conflicts, realistic weapon models, and dynamic combat actions are key elements of these gaming machines. In the game Battlefield, players can feel like participants in combat operations, managing the slot reels in search of big wins. Symbols on the reels often include images of military equipment, weapons, as well as various medals and awards.

Some online casinos offer nice bonuses for lovers of slots based on computer games, such as To receive, you do not need to make a deposit, but only register and confirm your email to your phone number.


Galactic Quest, Cosmic Voyager, Space Conquest – Slots in the Style of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 inspires slot machine developers to create cosmic adventures. In games like Galactic Quest by X Room, Cosmic Voyager by Thunderkick, Space Conquest by Spadegaming – players encounter futuristic landscapes, alien races, and advanced technologies. Slots based on Destiny 2 often feature complex bonus rounds where players need to complete certain tasks to unlock additional winnings. This may include searching for artifacts, battling bosses, or exploring new planets.

Games with the Theme of Halo Infinite and Counter Strike Shooters

The shooter Halo Infinite inspires the creation of slots with a deep immersive storyline. In such games, one can encounter elements of strategy and role-playing games, where each spin is not just a reel movement, but a part of a larger story.

In The Deep Monster by KA Gaming, players can become part of a grand space operation, interacting with different characters, exploring alien worlds, and participating in epic battles. In this line, one can also mention Ace Round and Star Guardians in the style of Counter Strike by EvoPlay.

Fantasy Also Has a Place in Casinos: Mythic Maiden, Fantasy Park, and Magic Apple


Slot machines that have a similar theme or style to the game "Heroes of the Storm" typically depict a fantasy world with rich mythical elements, epic heroes, and grand battles. Such slots often include elements of role-playing games, where players can choose different characters with unique abilities. The most famous slot machines with fantasy symbolism include:

  • Mythic Maiden by NetEnt;

  • Fantasy Park by BGaming;

  • Magic Apple by Booongo.

An interesting aspect of these gaming machines is their ability to attract a new generation of players. Young people who grew up on video games and are accustomed to dynamic plots and visual effects find these slot machines particularly attractive. They offer not only the opportunity to win money but also a deep immersive experience that goes beyond traditional gambling gameplay.

Moreover, such machines can have various levels of complexity, from simple for beginners to complex for experienced players. They often include different betting levels, allowing players to control their budget and risk. Many of these slot machines also offer additional features, such as free spins, win multipliers, and jackpots, adding an extra level of excitement.

Is It Worth Trying Computer Game Slots?

Whether to try playing slots depends on whether special effects are important, whether earning is needed, or whether there is a need for interaction. Let's consider the example of Call of Duty and its follower Soldier's Fortune:


Call of Duty

Soldier's Fortune


The first part of the 'Call of Duty' series is video games in the first-person shooter genre, focusing on military themes.

If we are talking about a slot machine, it will be a gambling game.


Offers multiplayer mode, a campaign for a single player, and cooperative modes. Gameplay is usually realistic and dynamic, with an emphasis on tactical combat and strategy.

Simpler and more predictable, dependent on chance and luck, not on skills or strategy.

Visual Effects and Atmosphere

High-quality graphics and attention to detail, creating a sense of immersion in combat actions.

Can be bright and attractive, but usually less realistic than in major video games.


Has a large and active gamer community.

Mainly it consists of casino enthusiasts and gamblers.

For gamers looking for a deep, interactive, and tactical experience, "Call of Duty" will be the better choice. For those seeking simple entertainment without the need for significant skills or strategies, "Soldier's Fortune" may be more appealing. It is also important to consider that video games and gambling games offer very different types of experiences and risks.

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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2024