By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley

Sockets and

Every item can have at the most 4 sockets. The awakened weapon
is special and can have at the most 8 sockets, 4 for skill stones and 4
for eudemons. You make sockets by using two gems, a Topaz and a Ruby.
It is extremely hard to get all 4 sockets though. You can only embed
the relevant advanced class skill stones into weapons. We are also
considering making all advanced skills available to all classes,
because we feel that will bring much more fun to game play.

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You can activate the eudemons sockets from the weapon dealers.
Eudemons are like pets attached to your awakened weapon. They will grow
with your weapon and add extra attributes to it. Once a eudemon reaches
a certain level, it can be reborn and you need to sacrifice another
eudemon for it. Different eudemons have different growth rates and
specialties. Currently there are three types of eudemons, single
attribute eudemons, double attribute eudemons, and universal eudemons.
They can be easily attached or unattached to a weapon. They absorb
stars’ power to grow, and their highest level will be +1 to your
weapon’s level. They can reborn numerous times! You can transfer
eudemons between different weapons as well. So raising 4 good quality
eudemons are very important, as they will make you more powerful in

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There are many other interesting functions which are under development
right now, and we will reveal these later! Keep an eye on official
website:! The door to chaos will open soon!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016