City of Heroes has concluded the long-fought Praetorian War story arc, but the next conflict is right around the corner with Issue 24: Resurgence. The aftermath of the Praetorian War brings new conflict and new content for players.

Now that the Praetorian War is over, former adversaries work shoulder to shoulder to rebuild in the aftermath. As refugees from Galaxy City and Praetoria flood the streets of Paragon City, fresh conflicts bubble to the surface and new enemies emerge, setting the stage for a coming storm.

The Issue 24: Resurgence overview page is now available with a preview of the content and changes slated to release with the update. Along with new story additions, players will also have new power and enhancement upgrades, new story and adventure content across various level ranges, and additional VIP subscriber perks that include additional powers, more Lore Incarnate abilities, a tier 9 tech knight costume and a new Incarnate story arc.

Check out the Issue 24: Resurgence overview page for all the details.

Source: Issue 24: Resurgence Overview Page Now Live

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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