Comics make us laugh, cry, and want to buy cell phones. Well, the first is true for work done by BSComic's very own Bongotezz. I managed to sneak in some questions, between his busy comic creation schedule and his EQ2 playing. This artist had quite some interesting answers.

RadarX: Oh! We like Rangers here at Ten Ton Hammer, although I wish they'd use the indoor plumbing. Do you think the Ranger class is balanced?

Bongotezz: I mainly solo or small group with my ranger so I think that at least in those two aspects the class is balanced. There seems to be some loss of effectiveness at high levels while raiding. I can't really say why there seems to be a difference between solo and group play vs. high end raiding because I haven't done any high level raiding at all.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016