Bringing those panels to life!

You've all read fan-fiction, watched player-made music/memory videos, and sat through slideshows put to music. Planetwide Media has taken the "fan-made" genre to a whole different level with their EQ2 Comic Book Creator. Garrett Fuller had the opportunity to stand beside one of the developers of Comic Book Creator and received some insight into the way the program operates and how it helps players experience their dreams.

Comic Book Creator allows players to take their stories to the next level. Everyone needs a break from game play once in a while. Comic Book Creator gives you a platform to tell your stories. Let's say you just downed a huge boss, you got the screenshot, now how about taking us back to the beginning of the quest. Telling the story of your hero and how you met up with your companions. What steps did you take to get to the boss? Did you have to kill monsters along the way? All these elements can be added into your comic book and given full dialogue as well as thoughts.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016