Gods and Heroes Community Team Chats with German Site

Calvert over at the first German Gods & Heroes community site has posted an interview with the community team.

Does Gods&Heroes have Items which are bound to the character which owns them or will it be possible to trade everything?

There will be a few items, such as some really rare items, certain quest items, and some minions, that are bound to your character and cannot be traded or given away. The one thing that we are trying to do with the bound items is give a valid reason for them to be bound to you. For instance, the Minotaur will not be a tradable minion, the fiction states that the reason he has become a follower is because you defeated him and as a show of respect he has joined your side. Trading him to a player that has not completed that minion quest takes away from the mystic and the minion as a status symbol of sorts."

Brush off your German with this version or find it in English instead!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016