Technology has bestowed wild changes in our life over the past two decades. The wide availability of the internet, smartphones and smart devices, and varied social media platforms have changed our lives in all shapes and forms. And undoubtedly, technology will impact the gaming and gambling industry, creating a bridge between them. In the field of digital entertainment, online gaming and gambling sites like have made a significant space in the world of entertainment and recreation, and technology has been able to create this bridge. 

Now, the worlds of gaming and gambling have been closely entwined. This article will talk about how gambling and the gaming industry converged. 

Brief Idea of Gaming and Gambling

The word gaming means the practice of playing video games. It can be of various themes and topics based explicitly on the players’ preferences. It can be phone-based (like Candy Crush) or console-based (such as FIFA). 

The most famous games in recent times are Minecraft, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros. Each of the themes has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

Gambling, however, is closely related to gaming but has to be a game of chance. The world-famous gambling games are Baccarat, Poker, Slots, and Roulette. They can either come in video format or live dealer where every player can enjoy the relishing online betting by interacting with the live dealers and other players. The online gambling industry has been booming over the past two to three years as it has been readily available on smart devices such as smartphones, smartphones, and laptops. Online gambling has seen a more than 70% rise in the last two years in many online casinos, including online gambling Australia. This shows how the gaming and gambling industry is set to fit on smaller screens to attract modern audiences. 

How Gaming and Gambling Converge Together 

The thin line between gaming and gambling is dimmed to meet the towering digital entertainment market. Even the gambling sector uses the word ‘gaming’ to describe itself and vice versa. 

Online gambling has vigorously changed as more and more iGaming sectors have been involved in this industry to provide new competitive characteristics.

The empirical literature on the convergence of gaming and gambling showcases how gaming-like activities are involved in gambling, where games are played for real money. For instance, a person who often purchases loot boxes or plays many social casino games is more committed to gambling to win real money. 

But it is still not proven whether these associations show any selection or exposure effect. The inter-relationship and co-location between distinct classes of activities in gaming and gambling boost the technological convergence between the two sectors. It has been demonstrated that this convergence increases the appeal and attraction of susceptible individuals to gambling.  

The various designs of gambling websites have gone through a series of gamification. Gambling games and their designs are reminiscent of our childhood games and other skill-based games. 

Player demands drive the gamification of online gambling platforms. In the future, both these sectors will work hand-in-hand and introduce innovations to make them more attractive to the players. New issues are rising in the research sector of gaming-gambling convergence. The essential subjects include internet gambling simulation, social casino games, advanced gaming-gambling mechanisms, skill-based machines for gaming, and the substantial across gaming and gambling activities. These issues help us figure out the extent to which this convergence between the two sectors is possible and how a ‘gateway’ between the two sectors can be created in newer ways. Introducing more recent technologies has always enabled modern changes and innovations to attract gamers or typical individuals to get more involved in gambling. More chance-based events common in video games are being introduced in gambling. Various gaming elements and features are inaugurated in conventional gambling activities. The policymakers and regulators have taken the challenge to narrow down further the gap between gaming and gambling not only in terms of themes and uses but also in considering the legality of these actions. The international gambling studies have provided seven papers on the convergence between the two fields. These papers also examined the various issues in these actions and contributed to our knowledge of the gambling-gaming intersection. 

Video games have the perfect potential to create the gateway for gaming into real money gambling. In Finland, a study on this subject was done by Kinnunen and Macey. They covered various aspects of digital gaming and gambling, including one of the significant features of some games known as microtransactions. They concluded that there is a stronger affinity for social casino games and digital gaming than gambling and social casino games. 

Players are showing interest in skill-based games and games with social elements over games of only chance, as in online casinos. This allows the gaming industry to penetrate even more into the gambling sector. More and more gaming elements will take place in the betting arena shortly.

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Last Updated: Jun 14, 2022