Okay, development tools are selected... now the actual work!

38 Studios today announced that they have licensed the right to use NaturalMotion's Morpheme game engine, the same engine used to create EVE Online. NaturalMotion also developed the Eurphoria engine, used to make Grand Theft Auto 4. This is the third game engine that 38 Studios has licensed to use for it's big mystery title - Copernicus.

Jon Laff, 38 Studios' chief technology officer, was quoted in the press release saying, "Morpheme allows us to create very high-quality character animations quickly, cutting down on a lot of intensive animation design and implementation time." Uh, good! Wouldn't want you to pick middleware that slows you down instead!

So, with three development engines selected, they've got to be ready to actually start work on the game... right?

For more information about the Morpheme engine, pelase visit NatrualMotion.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016