CSGO has been the hot topic in the world of eSports for a long time. There is suspense and new hope with every player transfer. Surely, this relates to the best teams, which means, of course, the best of the best ones in the world. They emphasize more on team combination than a particular contribution to the game.

The simple answer to the questions regarding the best CS team currently would be Astralis. This Denmark based team excels in player-synchronization, action strategies, and in-war tactics. Every player is a star of the gaming world and can challenge anyone for a match. The team has bagged more than six hundred thousand dollars from eSports competitions in September last year. And the lion’s share of it came from the FACEIT Major: London. This team also did win the 1st prize in ESL Pro League Season 7, and the Esports Championship Series Season 5.

Apart from all that, the team’s prime secret is supposedly the fact that some of the team players are in it since 2015 and have grown a mutual understanding amongst themselves. This is a heavy blast for the opponent teams. They are surely the most reputed team currently in CSGO, mainly because of their style and way of gaming.

Yet, there is another fact to reconsider. With player transfers going on every now and then, no team is ousted from the risk of being broken down to ashes from being the very epic legends. As the same also relates to Astralis, this shouldn’t hide the fact that they are the world champions today, and they rule CSGO with their might.

With Team Liquid, MiBR, AVANGAR, and fnatic not so far behind, Astralis has still managed to hold on to the number #1 position because of its supremacy in CSGO gaming. You can easily see on almost all the cs go betting sites that the betting partiality is of day and night difference when it comes to Astralis facing any other opponent team.

Moving on to an even more significant topic: which team can be called the legendary one and is recognized by all CSGO fans? It’s hard to tell, indeed. You’ve got to understand one thing first. Great players make great teams. Which team had the most epic 5 player combo can be actually seen as a more important question. The answer to this one varies. Mostly, fans would agree when you say out the names SK Gaming or Luminosity Gaming. Legendary players like Fer, Coldzera, FalleN and TACO used to play for these teams, and the world would always know them for their unique combat technique and action-packed minds.

While SK Gaming might now seem to be an outlaw of the past, it is true that Astralis is destined to head the same path one day. And so what then? Who would take the throne of CSGO when a star player of Astralis signs a contract with another team, disemboweling the farfetched reputation of his team? Though it seems a bit out of context, you’ve got to think of the near future.

As of that case, the already mentioned Team Liquid and team MiBR are absolutely worthy of taking command of the next CSGO dynasty. While Team Liquid may already be very near the number #1 spot, MiBR has still some catching up to do. That being said, both teams overkill with extremely talented players, capable of setting fire in the battleground at any moment.

All that being discussed about CSGO top teams and players, it’s like a game of thrones from an outside perspective. However, the wrath of Astralis now lays waste to the Valley of Counter-Strike. As that is how it is, it really won’t take long until the next legendary warrior comes and joins a super-team to make it to the number #1 position by dethroning Astralis and all her stars. Till then, let’s just wait and see where the tide takes us in CSGO.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2019