Not even Superman can save SOE's  style="font-style: italic;"
Universe Online from the licensing issues that the much
anticipated MMOG currently faces. DC Comics, in effort to expand their
already mammoth customer base has been breaking into digital media and
video games like the up and coming "DC vs MK", a fighting game that

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He is the terror that fishes in the night...he is BAITMAN!

ties into the Mortal
Kombat Universe
. Ironically enough, SOE now finds itself
fighting for licensing rights. The DC characters, which are crucial to
the plot, storyline and gameplay in style="font-style: italic;">DC Universe Online,
are currently leased to Midway Games who has no intention of letting go
of the rights.

"AHAHAHAHAAHA" Stated one Midway executive in what later became a
choking fit of laughter. "Dude, they're going to be stuck using
off-brand superheroes like "The Verde Lantern" and that Japanese
knock-off "The Frash"!" He finished, tears of unfathomable joy
streaming his cheeks.

Currently SOE and Midway are in talks for the sub-letting of the
characters in question, but if an agreement cannot be reached before
the game's official beta test, SOE admits that they will indeed be
forced to use the lesser known superhero clones. Yet they are still
trying to remain positive in light of this game breaking blow.

"See? See? It's Baitman. He looks like Batman, but he instead of a bat
symbol he has a worm on a...hook...and..." An SOE developer explained
before his words were lost in a flood of sobbing and shame.

More on this story as it develops.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016