announced today that a new Dowloadable Content pack will be
made available later this year for DC
Universe Online
. What does it entail? Going under the name
of "Fight for the Light," the pack will include Light Powers which is
based off of Green Lantern.

This DLC will offer players access to Light powers for the first time
ever, which has been something the fans have been itching for since the
game's launch in January of this year. Not only will players be able to
create new heroes and villains to use the new power sets, but they can
also choose to respec their existing characters to use the powers to
avoid having to level up a whole new character.

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A chainsaw construct in action

The content pack will put the rings in the hands of the players for the
first time. Heroes will be able to chnnale the green power of will
while villains will be equiped with the power of fear. Each set has 24
separate abilities for heroes and villains (for a total of 48). In
addition three all new alerts will be added in which players can test
their new-found powers. The S.T.A.R Labs will pit players against
Brainiac's logic battery which he has built to try to harness the Power
Source behind the Lantern Corps' rings. Coast City will have players
battle their way to the home of Hal Jorrdan and the Sciencell Prison is
the landscape for a prison break which heroes will try to prevent while
villains try to assist the prisoners to break out.

Of course, with content as big as this, new items will be available
including a Green Lantern and Sinestro Core suit. Players can also
unlock complete new iconic gear sets to really dive into the Green
Lantern theme.

The light powers differ from other powers already available in the game
as players will be able to collect constructs, such as a chainsaw or
light whip, which will act as their weapons. Every construct will have
its own set of combos but players will also be able to seamlessly
switch between the construct modes. So, in effect, some very creative
and fantastic combos can be made simply by opening with a chainsaw,
switching to light whip and finishing off with the boxing glove mode,
for example. Since the rings act as layers on top existing fighting
styles, the rings themselves don't act as weapons.

But how does this all fit into the DC Universe Lore since there should
really only be a handful of Green Laterns on any given planet? As it
was worked out, the rings are given to players who opt to spec in the
Light Powers as Green Lantern Reserves. They are not considered full
Corps members, but do have access to the rings' powers.

Fight for the Light is aiming to launch late summer at a download price
of $9.99.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016