DC Universe Online (DCUO) launched Game Update 16 just two weeks ago with the new Tides of War event, but Game Update 17: Mental and Gadgets (GU17) is already nearing completion, and it will introduce a number of tweaks, revamps and in some cases, power replacements to the game. To help provide some clarity and new information on the update, DCUO Systems Designer Jesse “Spord” Scott recently sat down to field a few questions about what’s on the way with GU17.

In short, GU17 will focus primarily on the Mental and Gadgets powersets by rebalancing some powers, moving some around and even add some new visual effects. In the case of the Gadgets powerset, some powers are getting removed/combined and new ones will be added to provide a better variety of ways to torment your opponents.

Spord: We removed the Sentry and Warden Turrets. Most of the Warden Turrets moves were rolled into the Suppressor Turret, which is still in the Tricks tree. In their place we added awesome new powers, Holographic Decoy and Photon Blast. Players will also notice some other new abilities like Napalm Grenade (replacing Bomb) and Vortex Cannon (replacing Gag Glove). Also Energy Shield is new (replacing Clown Box) and Hide was renamed to Distract because you are no longer made invisible when it is used. This last change was to alleviate targeting issues that were caused by going invisible. If you need to go invisible, we have made Stealth useable in combat.

Read more from Scott on the DCUO website.

Source: GU17: Mental and Gadgets Dev Q&A

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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