30 Minutes on Module 3 with Turbine

Ralsu finally caught up with Turbine Executive Producer James Jones and DDO Lead Designer David Eckelberry, and he hit them with his best questions. Wait until you see what Turbine's masterminds say about DDO raid encounters, the MMO industry, and the "character" Ten Ton Hammer displays by fighting against platinum sellers!

"Ralsu: Now people seem pretty satisfied that Velah is an appropriate challenge, but many still contend that only min/max (or optimized) character builds have a chance to survive DDO raid encounters. Does Turbine test raid encounters with non-standard builds?

David: I would say our testing characters are not as min/max as players in general. We build them in 30 minutes and go shopping from the item database. We build them intelligently, but we don't spend as much time as the average player thinking about each item slot or Enhancement. We call them 90% characters, and they can win more often than they lose. You know, there's no guarantee that if you take 10-12 role-playing builds to a raid—you know, the characters are built in a non-optimized way—there's no guarantee they will have success."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016