The fifth and final season one DLC titled “Arktech Revolution” is now out for Defiance and is available on Steam, the XBOX Marketplace, and the PlayStation Store (here shortly as usual). This DLC provides a sweeping list of changes and is only appropriate for the season finale.

I’m not going to engage in every detail of the DLC, which you can find here at TTH and on the official site, instead, I’m going to talk a little bit about the changes that came along with the patch and why they may make you reconsider opening Defiance and giving it another go.

Originally the way the game worked is that as your EGO rating went up, your health / shields increased, but not your damage. Damage was kind of sort of a static thing, where a weapon you got at the start of the game might be the same weapon you use throughout the entire game. Enemies really didn’t scale either, they were just sort of a static thing as well.

This was kind of not that fun because loot wasn’t exciting. It was kind of flat and boring and not all that interesting. Well, now things have changed a little bit. By a little bit I mean drastically with the introduction of this DLC and its accompanying patch.

Now weapon rating greatly affects the damage. Below is the image that Trion uses to sort of describe it and you can get a really good idea of just how drastic of a change this is.

Defiance Weapon

So what does this mean? It means that weapons actually matter now and using a higher rated weapon is going to allow you to drastically more damage than before. This makes competing for top spot in a ark fall is going to be a rather big deal, since you’ll need to gear up to be competitive.

Enemies have also been changed. They come in various difficulty forms, each difficulty having not only more health and shielding, but also having additional abilities that they can use. This, again, makes gearing up critical to take on these new additional challenges.

To make sure that the game is still fun and accessible by everyone, there is dynamic scaling that boosts your EGO rating up to from what Trion told me to about 75% of the area’s EGO rating. So you can still do the content, hang out with friends, etc. but you’re not going to be the hero of the day.

Additionally, you can upgrade your gear using Arkforge, which you get a ton of it by buying the DLC and can earn it through events and lock boxes.

All in all this update is super impressive and gives Defiance a lot of depth that it was lacking. If you had quit previously, you may want to reconsider a reinstall to check out the update. The super good parts of the update do not require the DLC (the DLC is still worthwhile for the perks, extras, Arkforge, etc.) so you can login and check it out and if you want to get in on the DLC, I suggest the Defiance season pass which gets you all five DLC episodes for $39.99 saving yourself about ten bucks or so and getting a crazy amount of content (a vehicle, arena access, new races, factions, weapons, outfits, etc.).

You can read more about Defiance at their official website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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