SOE announces more details about Station Voice and Launcher.

At last weekend's SOE Fan Faire, both John Smedley and Nathan Pearce delivered new information about the Station Launcher and Station Voice applications that SOE is preparing to launch. Both applications provide a central hub for updating your SOE games and will act as a centralized SOE communication hub:

"...major advancements are in store for both of these new Station applications. The Station Launcher has been in open beta for over a year and has made global patching of all SOE games a snap. But that is just the first part of the story. SOE is positioning the Station Launcher as a global communication hub for all of your SOE games and beyond.

More details delivered from SOE's Fan Faire can be found here. Are you a fan of voice chat and look forward to kibitzing or do you tolerate it for the sake of taking down those bosses? Drop in on the forums and voice your opinion.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016