Paul tells all (about LoN), straight from the lips of an SOE employee!

When it comes to creating online trading card games, SOE Denver has no equal. In the business since 1996, SOE Denver (formerly known as Worlds Apart Studios) certainly has a vast breadth of experience in the TCG industry and they caught the eye of SOE and were eventually acquired fully on 2006. Their latest game, Legends of Norrath, has received stellar marks from a variety of different press sites, including our own review. With such a vast array of support, we wanted to hear exactly what the developers behind the card game were like - what games did they play, how they entered the industry, etc. - and we tracked down Senior Game Designer Paul Dennen to see what made him tick. Please enjoy the developer profile, and I hope you've enjoyed our week of TCG content!

Paul: My favorite aspect of LoN is trying to create a deck that can counter the most powerful decks in the metagame. There's plenty of strategies and enough room for creativity that I can feel like I'm being a "rogue" while also having an effective deck.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016