Gamble With History: How Gambling Shaped Czech Culture And Traditions

Peculiarities of GAMBLING development in the Czech Republic

Online gambling is prevalent in the Czech Republic, just like in other countries. Its modern history dates back to 1989, when gambling entertainment was legalized. The development was relatively slow and resulted in the appearance of the first online casinos. The development of Czech online gambling is quite interesting. This country was one of the first in Europe to offer many gambling establishments. There were more of them here than even in Western Europe. Historical facts confirm this. Many people know the famous Baba Tutovka or the Lucky Ten draw. Those times are in the past, and now Czech online gambling licensees are mandatory for such activities. Gambling is strictly regulated, and the rules of responsible gambling are promoted.

Development Of Online Gambling In The Czech Republic

Nowadays, Czech players often choose online casinos to spend their time in a fun and exciting way. This is not the only form of gambling in the Czech Republic (please find more information about the country in the article at Many land-based establishments with smoke-filled halls and round-the-clock bars were opened here in 1990. They featured the most popular slot machines. According to history, all these establishments were connected with the Mafia underworld. 

Sportka is a viral lottery, as well as the opportunity to bet on the results of elections or play table games. There is a lot to choose from. Popular game sections in online casinos include:

  • Slots;

  • video poker;

  • roulette;

  • baccarat;

  • blackjack;

  • poker.

There is the possibility to play slots for real money. If you take advantage of the offers from the best online casinos in Czech Republic, you can have fun and be sure of security. Here are the online casinos that enjoy the most incredible popularity: Tsars Casino,, SpinsBro, CosmicSlot, and Slot Hunter. 

Choose an online casino responsibly. It must be a licensed establishment that operates legally. This way, you will be guaranteed that your data and bankroll are safe and secure. 

Gambling Entertainment Nowadays

Gambling always raises a lot of questions and debates. It is often seen not only as entertainment but also as a big problem. There are organizations all over the world that help people with gambling addiction. It is a severe problem. More information about it can be found at

According to statistics, in 2020, approximately 50% of the local population gambled at least once. Accordingly, every other Czech has experience in gambling. The most popular entertainment is the lottery. Gamblers can legally buy lottery tickets and test their luck. The Czech Republic residents are skeptical of online gambling and online casinos. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people prefer to visit land-based casinos and gambling establishments. However, this number is decreasing every year. 

Lotteries Act

The Lotteries Act defines the rules of gambling Czech Republic. This law is gradually becoming stricter. The latest amendments were made in 2017. After the initial enactment, this is the first time that the law regulates online gambling. The most significant innovation is that online casinos have implemented limits to be imposed by gamblers.

A gambler can set limits regulating the maximum daily bet, maximum loss, and the possibility to log into the online casino a certain number of times. , etc. Moreover, the player's identity must be verified, and he should be removed from the excluded player's register. Such a register was created in 2020 and is still relevant today.

Legal online casinos have licenses issued by various regulators. Sites with a valid Curacao license are known as reliable and safe establishments. Apart from online casinos, the law also regulates physical land-based casinos and gambling establishments. They must have 24-hour CCTV surveillance. They are prohibited from selling alcohol. Their hours of operation and the exterior are subject to strict regulation. 

The operator must have a state and municipality permit, which can prohibit any gambling activities on its territory. Offline offers have been significantly reduced, so players choose online casinos. 

Many municipalities have banned gambling on their territory, and such rules are in force today. There are better solutions than this, as a considerable part of municipal revenues is lost. Prague is one such municipality. These measures were used to prevent problems with gambling addiction, which is quite dangerous.

The rules of responsible gambling are promoted all over the world. When you choose to gamble, make sure you can make decisions with a calm mind and have clear thoughts. Do not try to win back losses; learn to manage your budget. If you are experiencing symptoms of gambling addiction, make sure you seek professional help.

Treatment for gambling addiction varies. In severe cases, it is done as an outpatient therapy to achieve an effective result. The risks of addiction are best addressed at an early stage to avoid lengthy and complicated treatment, as well as debt issues. The Czech Republic allows gambling only for those at least 21.

Online Gambling Jobs In The Czech Republic

How to get a job  in the field of gambling at CZECH Republic


If you plan to work in this field, make sure you select an employer that complies with the following requirements:

  • availability of a permit from the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic for companies;

  • correct and timely payment of taxes;

  • displaying addiction warnings on the website;

  • blocking illegal payments and operators.

The Czech Republic also has a gambling monitoring information system. The Ministry of Finance manages it and helps to monitor the development of gambling in the country. This system makes it possible to exclude risks, bankrupt debtors, players with a court ban, and people who request to be included in the relevant register because they realize they suffer from gambling addiction. The Czech Republic works to prevent gambling addiction and promotes responsible gambling rules in this way. 


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Last Updated: Aug 22, 2023