Do modern arcade game machines still exist like in the old days?

Not so long ago, kids used to go to the arcade with some coins and play games on machines. They would stay there for hours wasting money while competing with friends to see who will win the arcade game and probably there will be this crowd of your friends cheering them on. Over the years they grow, but one thing remains unanswered, do modern arcade game machines still exist?

But are there still arcade game machines around like in the 80s? Well, the answer to this question is that they do indeed exist but not as many like there used to be before. Previously they would be found everywhere from the malls to casinos but nowadays they are mostly found in casinos mainly looking for a change, but others play these casino arcade games for the fun that comes with it.

Here are some of the various arcade game machines that are still in existence up to date:

1. Pop Bingo

Just from the name, a picture in one’s mind develops that says bingo, just how most people in home cares normally play. This arcade well is different in that it is not a paper at your display but a machine that you navigate through to play the game. The aim of the game is to pop the balls on the numbers listed to the left of the screen that you are playing on. You are required to fill a winning pattern on a bingo card offered. It is a one player kind of game.

2. Bonus bowling

This is a virtual bowling game where 10 pins are displayed and it is your duty to knock them all out. The player is allowed to play the game with two rounds to knock out all the pins. There is a button named “throw” that is used to play the game, there is catch to this game in that bets are placed and well if you don’t fulfil the games objective then your bet will be done.

3. Penalty shootout

This arcade game gives you a platform to choose a player of your liking, the team and make the required stakes to win. It is generally a penalty kick game where you shoot in the goal and it’s a win. The more your team shoots in the goal post, the more chance of a win coming out in the game.

4. Keno game

The main aim of playing this arcade game is to select a number and cross fingers that the number the machine will draw will be the same as the one you picked from the machine. With a sheer chance of luck then the most numbers you picked might match and this gives you a higher chance of winning. The numbers played are from 1 to 80.

5. Rock paper scissors

Just as the name suggests, this is a game that has been there this is where two or more friends bet on something and then you do the rock paper scissors game, where you reveal your hand and show the one you have chosen and the winner is determined. Basically, this arcade game follows the same rules in that both you and the machine pick between rock, paper or scissors, then you place your bet and reveal what you have chosen. Here is the catch scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock and rock generally blunts out the scissors.

6. Wheel of light

Here curiosity may lead you to want to play this game but you need to know exactly how it is played and what is the catch for playing the game. The game is played when you set your coin level, place your bet and then spin the four coloured wheel that has numbers from 0 to 30, then wait for the will to halt. The pointer will point the outcome from spinning the wheel, and if the prediction matches the outcome of the spin the payout will be given. Having more bets will give you an opportunity to even have a higher chance of winning.

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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2020

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