Do Violent Video Games Lead to Violence in Real Life

We see changes all around us in our lives as a result of the advent of technology. With PS4s, Xboxes, and other gaming consoles available in the market, large numbers of children nowadays are playing violent video games whenever they are free.

Video games are interactive electronic games that both adults and kids play. These can be played offline or online and can be 2D or 3D. Like other technologies, video activities are evolving, with various features being integrated into them every day. Video game exposure and lethal violence are not linked together, or are they?

With the amount of time kids and adults spend on computers, it is bound to have some effect on shaping their personalities, and how they interact with people in real life. The million-dollar question is: What are the effects of these virtual recreational sports and can playing violent video games lead to lethal violence such as mass shootings as well?

The answer to this question is, well, mixed. For decades, studies have been conducted to find out whether there is a relationship between violent video game and violent crime behavior and problems such as lack of empathy, poor performance, and grades in school, aggression, etc. different studies have different ideas about video games.

Studies that show a relation between Violence and Video games

Several people blame PlayStation when a person acts out. There are several studies that say that yes, violent behavior is caused by violent crime video games. American Psychological Association published a research statement in 2015, saying that aggressive moods and behaviors are caused by the violent game a youngster plays. They say that the type of behavior shown in Xboxes raises the risk of aggression in youngsters.

Various research studies and articles published in Elsevier or Media Psychology in recent years also establish links between violent crime video games and aggressive behaviors.  Several research studies show that violent video games increase aggressive behavior.

Moreover, several researchers believe that violence in video games increases the tendency towards violence in teenagers. Risk factors for violence soar with a rise in these computer-based activities according to these studies. The use of guns in these plays a role in shaping the mentality of these youngsters when they go out in public and become social pillars.

Studies that negate the relation between violence and video games

However, several researchers disagree with this stance of the American Psychological Association that video games influence violence. Playing with a Nintendo doesn’t result in awkward public and social behavior. Rather, these computer-based activities make the players confident and decisive.

 A large analysis of violent and gruesome crimes and violent video games in various research studies has found no material evidence that violent games spikes crimes. Since its mostly young people who play these games and the rate of youth violence has been decreasing over the years, this negates the concept that video games cause media violence.

They are a source of entertainment and relaxation for people after a long hectic day at school and work. The results of all these studies show that they don’t have a concrete link with violence.

Blaming PlayStation and Xboxes is a wrong way of looking at things such as mass shootings. Therefore, psychological science also negates this idea that aggressive behaviors can be caused by interactive video games. Aggressive behavior can stem from various other reasons.

People blame video games and think that playing video games is a bad thing. Thus, video game effects on a person are not entirely negative since there is no concrete evidence to support this.

Positive impacts of PS4s and Xboxes

When it comes to the positive effects of playing video games, strategic, role-playing, and action/shooter video games have been shown to improve problem-solving skills, spatial skills, ability to use resources efficiently, rise in self-esteem, confidence, and a lot more instead of being a source of media violence.

Negative impacts of PS4s and Xboxes

Video games do tend to create anxiety and a sense of loss in case you fail to complete a mission. Moreover, video game addiction is an important issue that most of the players face. Furthermore, it is unhealthy to spend all day sitting on the couch and playing games instead of going out and breathing in the fresh air.

Violent criminal games can be a source of media violence if left unchecked and not observed. Violent criminal behavior as a result of violent video games like El Matador is also something you should be wary of.


Final Verdict

As you can see for yourself, there is a lot of conflicting ideas and perspectives in research studies when it comes to the violent video game being a source of media violence. No concrete results have been found that show that playing a video game will cause violence. However, there are a few types of research that say that a violent video game makes a person aggressive.

So what are you supposed to do? You are supposed to keep an eye on the behavior of your kids. You, as a parent, should know which games are age-appropriate for your kids. Similarly, as a college student playing a violent video game, you need to know whether it is causing any aggressive changes in your behavior or not. Limit the violent video game exposure as much as you can if you think that it is negatively affecting you.

You, and you alone, can decide what is perfect for you.

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Last Updated: Jun 26, 2020