Would that mean there are 100,000 Dofi?

While the name of the game may be a little silly (or a lot silly), that doesn't take away from the fact that thousands of players are playing the title. According to the developers at Ankama Games, 100,000 UK users are playing the game. Here's the official release:

successfully meeting their fans at the MCM London Expo on May 26-27,
Ankama Games is proud to announce its number of players in the UK is at
an all time high with 100,000 active players. Exhibiting for the first
time in the UK, DOFUS artists and crew have finally met their fans and
also managed to convert a huge number of neophytes to the Massively
Multiplayer Online genre. The 16,000 visitors of the expo had the
opportunity to see the free online game in action, and queues were
forming to try the game on one of the 21 playing spots installed for
the occasion. Players had therefore the opportunity to experience the
humour and strong community spirit inherent to the game.

During the exhibition, Ankama has also introduced the first volume of
the DOFUS manga and the two artbooks based on the game. The books are
edited by the subsidiary of ANKAMA, Ankama Editions. “This is
really an achievement for us.” comments Cedric Gerard,
International Marketing Manager of Ankama Games. “The
response here in the UK has surpassed all our expectations.”
“Seeing our fans and also meeting new ones here has shown us
that the UK gaming community is really at a turn and has never been so
open to new online experiences.”

DOFUS is proud to stand as the reference for online tactics RPG and
continues to grow worldwide after recently hitting the 3 million
players mark.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016