Be updated, June 25th!

This Wednesday, June 25th, Dream of Mirror Online will be releasing it's summer update. Included in the update is a new class, the Merchant, as well as more inventory space, new items and special goodie bags!

Hi Dreamers,

Summer is finally here, it’s time to play! Enjoy the brand new contents available as of June 25th !

Summer is a good time to trade and negotiate so please welcome the Merchant class!
The Merchant class uses money to fight and create powerful attacks! He’s a good friend to have in your group when facing epic adventures!

We also add a bunch of new quests for your pleasure!
new steps of main quest (Confusion Moves Chapter 1&2)
Merchant Transferring quest
Sammy's Love quest
Old man's dogs quest

New items to be added to the shop:

Greedy inventory: 5 more slots to increase permanently your inventory. Maximum two greedy bags for each character (10 slots)

New items to change your look with
Camouflage soldier costume (uniform, helmet or hat)
Large Red Butterfly Ribbon and Aqua Butterfly Ribbon

Special goodie bag: Summer, Holidays and Sea in DOMO! The goodie bag contains swimsuits and surfboards. Try your luck and get a cool item !

Enjoy the summer with DOMO!
The update will be installed on DOMO during the weekly patch on June 25th

For more information, check out Dream of Mirror Online's main site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016