Nexon America announced today that they will soon add an RMT element to
their side scrolling hybrid: Dungeon
Fighter Online
The game, which is currently in the open beta phase, is a mix of side
scroll fighter game and quest based RPG. The in game "Item Shop" will
allow players to purchase potions, storage upgrades and even add visual
elements to their avatars.

Take a look at the href=""
target="_blank">official announcement:

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Item Shop opens on Hendon Myre Lane!

What do Dungeon Fighters do when they want to stand out on the crowded
streets of Arad? They head down to the Item Shop, opening October 8th.

The Item Shop features an assortment of premium wares that enhance your
dungeon fighting experience, including potions to boost your health and
stats, safe upgrades with increased storage capacity and no weight
limit, Life Tokens to bring you back to life when you fall in a dungeon
battle, and the highly anticipated Avatar Items.

Anything you purchase from the new Item Shop during the rest of our
Open Beta will stay with you as we move into our official launch, so
feel free to enjoy fully the advantages that the DFO Item Shop offers.

You can see a sneak peak at some of the items that will be available href=""

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016