First the team at Dungeon
was href="">blowing Chunks,
now they've just Heave-d out
their first expulsion of interesting information on their next batch of
updates to their game. This recent information dump - titled Heave 1 -
the Ten Ton Hammer staff to pick up eight new screenshots of an
upcoming boss mob (Balzack) and the pet Chill Bill. Don't miss out and
take a look at the screenshots immediately!

New Dungeon

style="width: 640px; height: 300px; text-align: left; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"
href=""> src="/image/view/28412/preview"
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width="200"> href=""> src="/image/view/28406/preview"
width="200"> href=""> src="/image/view/28405/preview"
width="200"> href="" title="Zap!">

Will the addition of a "pet" to Dungeon
Runners affect the game? What other pets do you think the team will
come up with? Let us know on the forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016