The Bling has arrived! Ten Ton Hammer has received its very own Bling Gnome, courtesy of Dungeon Runners, the hilarious, no-holds barred and no bars held game that proves that gaming is not always serious.

This fly little guy we received is the real version of the in-game Bling Gnome that players can get only with the retail version of Dungeon Runners. Cody's been in a back room trying to feed this thing Skittles all day, but we haven't seen any rainbows yet! Like its in-game counterpart, this Bling Gnome must only save its excretions for something truly special. We'll have to wait and see.

So other than for "looking fly", what good is a Bling Gnome? In the game, the Bling Gnome will eat your loot (not the good stuff, just the loot you would sell anyway) and after a few moments, because even a gnome's digestion takes a miniscule amount of time, the Gnome will provide you with a pile of gold! In addition, every now and then you might find something really special in that pile of gold, because the gnomes are known to poop out some special items as well! You might want to wash afterwards, though. Along with the digital version of the Bling Gnome, the retail version of Dungeon Runners comes with a six month premium membership (which is no pile of dung, let me tell you)!

Check out the pics of the Bling Gnome below, as well as the box of the retail version of Dungeon Runners. Then, head over to our forums and excrete your own treasures (by telling us what you think, of course). If you can't wait for more Dungeon Runners goodness, then keep an eye out here on Ten Ton Hammer because our crew is cooking up an exciting gameplay update for you, so stay tuned!

Dungeon Runners
Bling Gnome Screenshots:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016