It's been a long wait to hear something new about style="font-style: italic;">The Agency,
but Lead Designer Rory McGuire made it worth our while with a first
ever look at PvP and four of the game's classes in a gorgeously
rendered PvP / PvE map where players attempt to thwart Omen's evil
plans.  'You are what you wear' is an important concept in the
spy vs. spy game, and the featured Recon class donned wall-hacking
glasses, flares which instantly teleport you to a ally in need, and
weapons gorgeously rendered right down to the serial number.
Best of
all, you share many of your combat abilities with your entire team in
PvP matches. We also learned a bit about the tankish Assault role, the
shield-oriented Supressor role, and the Commander role, which is geared
toward healing and support. E3 2010 marked the first time we learned
about the Revive mechanic, which makes healing feasible in a fast-paced
shooter by allowng players a brief amount of time to be healed by a
teammate (any role can revive, but Commanders heal health and armor to
full).  That plus minutes of gameplay video are all in this
action-packed video Q&A with style="font-style: italic;">The Agency
Lead Designer Rory McGuire.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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