E3 is in full force and Ten Ton Hammer is there getting all the latest news from all the biggest game developers. One such developer is, of course, Sony Online Entertainment and our men on the front lines caught up with EverQuest II Senior Producer Dave Georgeson to talk a bit about where EQ2 has been and where it is going.

While the EQ2 team is working on how to spruce up the current content, we all still want to know about the future new content. We have made our own predictions regarding the next expansions but Dave drops some really telling hints mentioning “the expansion that no one knows the name of at the end of the year” pointing to a 2010 release after a February 2010 release of newest expansion, Sentinel’s Fate.

Get the highlights of the conversation between our E3 correspondents and Producer Georgeson and learn what the EQ2 development team has in store for us!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016