Nobody knows much about the Fortnite World Cup, except that it’s coming. And it’s coming at some point in 2019. Even though the sum allocated to the event is not impressive at $100,000 the total cash to be spent on rewards from tournaments in the 2018/2019 season is. We are talking about $100 million already committed by Epic Games for tournaments from all walks of life.

Now, things are about to get even crazier. Esports partnerships may cost $25 million for a brand’s ad to be broadcast during the Fortnite World Cup. This is a solid amount, particularly when the National Football League (NFL) wants $5 million per slot.

However, Fortnite definitely has the numbers to back it. The game will be raking in $2 billion yearly for Epic Games within a year or two, making it a solid titan. Today, we take a look at the Fortnite World Cup itself in a bid to better understand it. And that’s not it, the studio behind the game just landed $1.25 billion in fresh capital.

But there is more, of course, as the game will offer excellent opportunities to try and guess the outcome of matches and perhaps even earn something in the process.

Who Will Win the Fortnite World Cup?

This is a rather tough call to make so early on. With millions of people playing the game on virtually every gaming station there is, the number of professional players is quickly growing. DrLupo and Ninja are keeping their lead and there is no mistaking that, although, there are a lot of emerging players right now.

Some of the best names are mostly unfamiliar to the average Fortnite player, because the field is so saturated. However, if you want to know which users are really topping the charts, you can refer to our excerpt with the game’s most commonly winning players, including:

  1. OverlonUwatakashi
  2. Ninja
  3. Twitch-Ettnix
  4. COOLER eXzacT
  5. E11 BlooTea
  6. WBG Ranger
  7. QUASAR Luanzera
  8. Sevennoss
  9. Youtube.Uniq
  10. MiTH_Chambers

While you may be missing the name of DrLupo here, this must not mislead you. This is a statistics based on the total winnings of individual players, which does not accurately reflect how good they are, although it’s hard to argue with the numbers.

The Fortnite World Cup will reveal hundreds of players who are quite capable of making it to the next stage and it’s not unlikely for even Ninja to lose his pace and succumb to new and unknown players.

Having to play against so many anonymous definitely puts a pressure on professional streamers who are also exceptionally good at the game.

However, the anonymous players have the added benefit that they are actually familiar with the playstyles of individual players, having had time to study them for hundreds of hours and learn from their mistakes. And you know what the best bit is?

We can truly benefit from knowing a bit about the game. How? Well, it’s where esports betting comes in. The activity has been gaining traction and if many a gamer & fan have managed to turn out a solid profit out of getting the outcome of games right. So why shouldn’t you be one of them?

Ninja’s Past Mistakes

Speaking of mistakes Ninja hosted the first Fortnite tournament as a charity and a way to draw attention to the newly-inaugurated Las Vegas Esports arena. Blevins had a rare opportunity to meet a bunch of opponents but got eliminated early on into the race, leaving him not baffled in the slightest, but quite appreciative of the opponent’s performance in fact.

With this in mind, saying that Ninja can be safely overlooked as a potential contester is of course an oversight. A gross one at that. But he will be faced with hundreds of capable players and the worst bit is that they always know what he’s up to. And that’s 24/7.

Betting on the Format

Players, including Blevins, play well either as teams or individually. How they perform will depend, for the most part, on their previous accomplishments and equally important – the format.

The format will be what determines the winners and more. You can argue that a good player will find a way but looking players repeatedly finish second, for example, gives you an idea that while these two may not be up to conquering the event themselves, they may just be more skilled at killing people, which is also points and might even lead to victory in the long term.

The World Cup Is Fun, Why Not Learn How to play Fortnite?

As you can see, the World Cup will be loads of fun. This may be a great time to pick up Fortnite or even starting betting on the game.  You can use a dedicated guide to learn the ropes and once you are done, it will be easy for you to start putting down wagers on your favorite players and squads! Don’t free too much if you are not sure on whom to bet though, as esports betting goes well beyond Fortnite. There are many opportunities!

And, really, learning Fortnite won’t take you so long, we promise, because the game is simply excellent. It has a great learning curve and is so much fun that you would never want to miss it. Not now, not ever. Prepare yourselves, because many opportunities await in 2019 and Fortnite is only going to grow!

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Last Updated: Nov 12, 2018