Earth Eternal - More than the "Furry MMO"

The massively multiplayer gaming market is an extremely crowded space and getting even more claustrophobic as the years go by. Games and game developers come and go with increasing rapidity, and only the chosen few who make solid financial decisions and stand out from the crowd ever make it to their own launch. So when the Ten Ton Hammer staff heard about a game featuring all "anthro" races, we were intrigued. The game's name is Earth Eternal, and we had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Mihaly (CEO and Creative Director) at GDC '08 to discuss Earth Eternal and the fundamental features behind the game. (

We went with anthropomorphic characters. This isn't a furry game, even though I'm sure people will obviously use the MMO for their own devices. The games has 16 races to choose from, and in this regard we really went for breadth rather than depth in making this decision. What I mean by this is that each race won't have their own starting areas or their own custom animations. But our races will have unique heads, feet, hands, and tails, so players will be different in the way they appear.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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