The first in a series of interviews with the key players of Earthrise.

Nickolay Stoyanov is the Art Director for the upcoming sci-fi MMO Earthrise. In a previous interview, we got to know Nickolay, but this time it's all business as we learn about Nickolay's art style, how that effects the game, and a few juicy tidbits about the game itself.

Lately, there’s been a lot of speculation and talk on various message forums and at our House of Commons dev chats regarding the hot topic of vehicles in Earthrise. Last time we spoke, you mentioned that the Mech would be a surprise for later… any news or juicy gossip that you can share with us yet?

Hmm Mechs... I think that they are a very interesting part of the game and give it very nice feel, especially when you’re walking close to one of them; the power and the weight of the Exoskeleton are truly palpable.
Players will need a lot of resources to “drive” the Mechs, as they use fuel, and even to craft them. I think that mostly the high end players will enjoy this type of vehicle. The huge exoskeleton mechanoids can be used for at least two major things: they can be easily loaded with construction material for quick transfers; this is perfect for relocating materials to other territories owned by the defeated team in territorial combat. The exoskeletons can also be used for direct fight and in some areas of the Island there will even be some pretty big creatures which the player can engage.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016