En Masse Entertainment is preparing to host their first Community Play Event of 2011 for TERA next month. Now that the Korean launch of TERA is out of the way, the team is focusing on getting the North American version ready to go and next month's event will offer up some new information about the game because the testers will not be under an NDA.

The event is an introduction of where the game is now and will allow En Masse to stress and configure the new game servers for TERA. One much larger event is planned for a couple of months after the first and then it's beta time. TERA's beta will come in several parts, much like the recent events held by Rift.

The beta cycle will be a multi-part odyssey through TERA where players will be able to see the game in its various phases before we launch in North America.

Check out all the details on the official TERA website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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